Saturday, January 05, 2013

Your smile..

Yours is a beautiful smile,
That comes straight from your heart.
Your smile shines like a beacon,
The love in it tears me apart.

Your smile shows in your eyes,
And it is so pure and joyous to see.
Your smile brightens up my life,
Its pure love just for me.

Your smile can brighten the darkest day,
Your smile can take my pain away.
Your smile just turns me upside down,
Your smile in which I could forever drown.

You smile at me and I am bowled over,
At how it changes your face.
Such love and joy and happiness,
Such dignity and grace.

Your smile always finds me in a crowd,
Mischievous, innocent and so pure.
And at that moment when the world seizes to be so loud,
 I realize just how much i love you and for sure.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Beat ittttttttt

For some reason I was kinda down n upset.. the whole day!!
I went home n started playing master chef with my 3 yr old nephew..
We got us a few pieces carrot, radish, coconut, coriander leaves n a few other things that were lying orphan on the kitchen counter..
N I was following every instruction of his to the t..
All of a sudden my downness took the better of me n I looked aalinth wid a sad face!
He asked me, ' athai, wat happened??'
I said, 'am feeling very sad baby!'
He just replied 'take it out, let's beat it!!!'
That's it.. that's all I needed to hear to get back to my high self!!
I just took all the sadness n placed it on the plate n both of us just beat it up to pulp :-)
God made babies for a reason.. n that's to make our world a better n happier place to live in!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012


when am into something, i get sensitive to each n every detail, n am not satisfied till i try getting its' 100%.. if i dont, am not happy..

if am not into something, i dont care abt too many details, but i still try finding that something i will get the 100% from.. if i dont, am not happy..

but at the end of the day, during both these situations n being inbetween as well, am not so unhappy either..

am kinda happy.. but am not satisfied unless its 100%..

so where does that leave me?!

am either quite eccentric or a normal human being!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

As we grow up..

As we grow up..

we learn that even the one person that wasnt supposed to ever let us down, probably will..

u'll have ur heart broken n ull break others' hearts..

ull fight wid ur best friend or mayb even fall in love wid them, n ull cry coz time is running out..

so, take too many pictures.. laugh too much.. forgive freely.. n love like uve never been hurt..

life comes wid no guarantees, no time outs, no second chances.. u just have to live life to the fullest..

tell someone wat they mean to u.. n tell someone off.. speak out.. dance in the pouring rain.. hold someone's hand.. comfort a friend.. fall asleep watchin the sun come up.. stay up late.. b a flirt.. n smile until ur face hurts! :)

dont b afraid to take chances or fall in love..

n most of all.. live in the moment, coz every second u spend angry or upset is a second of happiness u can never get back!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lesson 2873

For all those who know to get upset over someone should also go through upsetting someone.. u will never want to give that pain to anyone again anytime!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Y do things happen in life?

Rather y do 'some' things happen in life??

Its kinda safe for us to believe life is run by destiny and not petty accidents! But reality lies far!!!Some things happen and as all human beings rightfully feel at times, we are either happy or sad through it.. And we think it has happend for a reason! Then, that one thing changes to another and life still moves on and we beautifully give it another meaning.. And carry on riding it. That another thing out of no where lose all consequence and changes into something else again. And u r left with a remenent of all those changes. The worst part being, it makes you wonder y those changes happened at all????

But like how a movie needs a set of happenings to form a story and move it forward, ours need a random barage of happenings too to pass our time!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

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